When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution Open Mic


When She Speaks open mic is nothing short of a creative revolution. The intention behind it: Celebrate the words/performances of local women from all walks of the creative paths. Musicians, poets, comedians–all creative women are welcome here.

In addition to being a space where women can share their work with one another, When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution will be a venue of support and encouragement. It will be a place where we can network with each other and make things happen.

This open mic strives to be inclusive of all trans identities. The purpose of this open mic is to shine a light on the voices that don’t get a lot of attention and encourage them to share their words and their art.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate–the open mic takes place every fourth Saturday at JitterBug Coffee Hop at 7pm. All forms of performable arts are welcome–from poetry to prose to acoustic singer/songwriter material.

Signups happen before each round, so get to there early and make sure your name gets on the board!

For questions/comments: Contact Stephanie Novak at rebelgrrrl.theblog@gmail.com


Gavin’s Underground [City Weekly] 8/25/2011

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