Hark! the music!

Are you in a band? Are you a singer/songwriter with a love for the sweet sound of music? Would you like to tell the world how awesome your music is?

I myself have a deep passion for all things music related (especially in the metal/rock/pop genres) and would love to hear what you’ve got and feature it on this blog! send me a message if you’re interested in sending me an e.p./CD at februarystar02@gmail.com

Like Venus Zine, this site attempts to create a niche especially for women musicians/artists. In a world where magazines like Rolling Stone, Blender and others seem to write mostly with the operative male audience (thus creating an “only woman in the room” feeling), it’s important to support women musicians. Once rock’n’roll is no longer defined by male excellence, then blogs like this will no longer be necessary.

For an example of some of my previous entries, please check out my entries on the Midtown Dickens and the Ex-Members.

In addition to reviewing your CD, I’ll also give you a chance to speak for yourselves and what you’re doing, but for this, I need your information-where I can get hold of you and what times work for you as far as interviewing goes.

So get in touch~I can’t wait to hear from you.

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One thought on “Hark! the music!

  1. Panchéé May 29, 2011 / 12:06 am

    I am truly Inspired. I am a musician too. I singer and a song writer, a Woman.

    I stay in India…..but I am very impressed to a blog like this! Am awed!

    Great Initiative Grrrrl!!!

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