Finding Hope in Music: A Daily Song Series

The world we are living in right now is one of great uncertainty and fear among many people right now. Including myself. And the communities that surround me. We seem to be entering a political place where people are not treated as human, but as “other” and therefore not worthwhile. And we’ve got to find ways to fight that. Demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins, phone calls and postcards to representatives, and other means of direct action are important right now.

Also important: Art. Music. Writing. Things that inspire us and keep us going.

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution started as a college project. This was a place I’d document rad musicians–especially women–who were fighting gender stereotypes and kicking ass and taking names. Over the years, the blog as a whole has fallen by the wayside as these projects do. Life happens. You forget to spend that time writing and instead find yourself lost in working and surviving. You convince yourself that your voice isn’t important when it exists in a sea of other people’s voices, and besides your few followers you have have probably forgotten you. And besides. Writing a blog isn’t important. Making money is.

So I stopped.

But these days, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety, and a lot of fear. And dealing with this world is hard, lately. So I’m going to do what I keep encouraging others to do, and focus on things that make me happy. In this case, I’m also going to focus on things that help inspire and motivate. A return of sorts to the original mission of this blog.mina-and-regina-spektor

I’m starting a M-F Daily Song series. The songs will be a mix of old and new songs by artists who’ve got attitude and bite and most of all–have something to say. The daily songs will
be posted on the When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution facebook page. On the weekend I’ll compile the daily features into a list here on the blog so you can see the weekly picks.

So….stay tuned. And feel free to share your faves!

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