Day 4: A song that makes you sad

I’ve spent most of the day wondering how I would write about this song, and have come to no conclusions. So this is going to be a short introduction. I’m going to let the song speak for itself, as it should. This song, “I Have Never Loved Someone” is by My Brightest Diamond, the project of the brilliant musician Shara Nova. I was first introduced to My Brightest Diamond through a friend of mine, who shared her cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” Shara Nova’s voice is beautiful, her mastery of her craft unquestionable. As I listened to more My Brightest Diamond it was clear to me that she is something special. Her way of creating lyrics that are poignant, genuine, and clever, of bringing everything down–lyrically and musically–to the heart of things….She is a musician who has truly had an impact on me. If you aren’t familiar with My Brightest Diamond, I deeply encourage you to check out her music. And we’ll start with this. It’s a song that carries so much love, and is so gentle, and so beautiful….and….well. Let’s let the song do the talking.



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