Day 3: A Song that makes you happy

I have so many songs that make me happy. When it comes to music, one of the best things a song can do is make me happy. Witty lyrics, cheerful tone, a dose of snark, all of these things can easily make me happy.

A few artists specifically have the ability to capture all of those things. The defunct band Agent Ribbons had that ability, and the musicians Zoe and Kim Boekbinder are both too clever for their own good and when they make music together as Vermillion Lies? Game over. They win. They celebrate geekery (“The Astronomer”), circusy weirdness (“Circus Fish”), the macabre (where does one start? They’ve got a few of those tracks…) And then….

vermillion lies witb
Vermillion Lies: What’s in the Box (2008) cover pose. Find this and more pictures on their facebook

There’s this song.

This song in many ways is a very, very serious song. It’s about the devastation to the environment caused by climate change…what is also known as global warming.

But this song delights me in the way only something this theatrical could. It’s a conversation between Kim and Zoe about the future of the planet, how everything is going swimmingly and how soon no one will have to wear clothes because it is far too hot! And oh my! What will we do about those poor polar bears when the heat becomes unbearable? As the listener you are an eavesdropper into this absurd conversation, and you can either walk away saying “what the fuck did I just listen to?” or you can join in with the antics. And singing along with this song is one of the very best things. I promise you.


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