Day 2: Least Favorite Song

When it comes to the subject of least favorite songs, I try not to hate on things too much. The world that we live in has far too much music to hate on one specific song, so why do it? I suppose it also helps that I don’t listen to a ton of radio so I don’t hear the same song over and over.

But I definitely have least favorite songs. And some I’ve grown out of. I’m not going to go out of my way to listen to Nickelback, for example, but the hate on them is so universal that it’s almost a cop out. Why add to that? If you love the songs I (or anyone) dislike, Good! Music is for everybody and everybody has different tastes.

Anyway. For this entry, I’m not posting a video. It’s a least favorite song so I’m not encouraging the traffic to listen if I can help it.

I was in high school when Puddle of Mudd became popular. By then my music tastes had grown pretty eclectic. I listened to No Doubt, Cake, Sheryl Crow, HIM, and quite a few artists in between. I grew up and good ol’ rock and roll like AC/DC and Queen and loved them and still do.

Enter Puddle of Mudd. I don’t think I liked anything by them. Ever. Could my hatred be attributed to Wes Scantlin’s voice? It’s kind of whiny, and on a song like “She Hates Me” the whining seemed exacerbated. Was it because I didn’t care how they treated the women in the lyrics and in the videos? I certainly remember not being impressed by that. It also could have been in part because I was one of those good kids who didn’t really develop an enjoyment of swear words till much later. Though even with that said, Meredith Brooks “Bitch” was a favorite song. So it could have been any of these reasons. Really, probably all of them in small doses.  I’ve listened to “She Hates Me” twice in order to write this entry so I could remind myself of why it is one of my least favorites. And it holds true still. I could go my whole life without hearing Puddle of Mudd ever again and be quite happy about it.

Anyway. Now that I’ve tormented myself for this blog post, I’m going to go listen to something that makes me happy now. Maybe some Regina Spektor will help balance out the bad taste left behind….




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