RSD Recap and Rebuilding Collections

Apparently this year’s Record Store Day was one of the most successful yet. I’m happy to say that this year, I participated in the madness and visited all of the record stores that I mentioned in the previous post.

And it was FANTASTIC.

Photo by Shauna Brock
Photo by Shauna Brock

I missed out on quite a few of the Record Store Day exclusives (The Garbage/Brodie Dale exclusive was gone by the time I left the house, as was the Dresden Dolls debut album), but it was still impossible for me to walk out of any of the stores I visited without buying something.

My girlfriend and I started at Graywhale (where I found three must-have RSD exclusives), then headed over to Raunch, then Randy’s and finally the Heavy Metal Shop. Out of these stops, Raunch was far and away my favorite. The prices on used albums were completely affordable and the whole time we were in the shop, I found myself wondering what music was playing. The music that was playing overhead when we walked in left such an impression that I ended up walking out of the store with two of the band’s 7″ 45s.

Ultimately, the day was one of discovery and rebuilding.

I recently decided to give into vinyl. The decision wasn’t made overnight, by any means. It was partly pushed by my curiosity as to whether there really are audible differences between what I’d hear on a turntable and what I hear from my phone. In addition to that, there’s the fact that it’s easy for me to relegate music to the background, which is something I have a love/hate relationship with. Over the years, my relationship to music has changed drastically. I find that when it comes to really appreciating something, I either need to be there (live music!), or at least be able to see it, which is why I love spending time on youtube watching bands like Pink Martini perform in Paris. The purchase of the turntable was made partly to reinforce the music as an experience idea.

I ordered a turntable, and while I was exploring Salt Lake’s various record stores, I had yet to receive my package. The knowledge that I had a new medium with which to play with music gave me a very curious sensation, and one I really haven’t felt for a long time.

I realized: I have the opportunity to rebuild my collection.

My current music collection spans years. Decades. It’s not as carefully curated as it could be, because I’ve found and lost music, I’ve acquired music from friends, from mix cds from music mags and I have far too much music that I haven’t spent any time with. This gives me an opportunity to select what I want. I have the opportunity to build the best collection ever. Which is kind of a powerful feeling.

Anyway. So what does rebuilding a collection look like?

It looks like whatever you want it to, ultimately. For me, it consisted of getting lucky enough to find a few RSD exclusives that I couldn’t imagine leaving without, it involved finding some really surprising things, and it involved some basics.

I was going to list the breakdown here, but the turntable I ordered finally showed up on my doorstep. The records I bought on RSD can finally be listened to. So watch out, dear readers: what you’ll find on this blog in the coming days will be a summary of the records I bought and why I felt they were important to add to my collection.

I’ll end this note with a reminder: local record stores are awesome. Visit them often.

Photo by Shauna Brock
Photo by Shauna Brock




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