Thoughts on an epic duel–Scott Pilgrim style

Disclaimer: These are some very late night thoughts, feel free to dismiss them as none other than wandering thoughts from someone who honestly should be sleeping right now, but is currently running strong on that great post-show-adrenaline, which you’ll hear more about tomorrow, provided I can rouse consciousness to make a blog happen.



You know that scene in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World where it’s band vs. band? Remember, the poster with too many exclamation marks? The amp vs amp? The epic scene where the music roared to life in ways that you wish would happen at a real show?

Well, here’s a question for you. Do you have bands that you’d like to see at an amp vs amp, band vs band situation? Because after tonight, I definitely have some thoughts on the matter!


On one side, we have Stolen Babies, from the sunny state of Cali fronted by the leave-no-holds-barred-attack-now-ask-questions-later-accordion-slaying Dominique Persi. They are heavy. They are brutal. In short: they kick ass. Need convincing? sure, okay. I can work with that. .

Okay. On the other side of this band vs band you have a band that thrives on frenzied punk rock of the play fast, play hard variety. Piñata Protest was founded by another equally badass accordion player by the name of Alvaro Del Norte as well as drummer JJ Martinez. Now these guys don’t shy clear of  heavy. In fact I think my favorite way to describe them is to ask you to get the song by Gogol Bordello “Immigrant Punk” in your mind. Remember the lyrics: “they’re coming rougher! They’re coming rougher! They’re coming rougher every time”. Yeah that’s these guys. they’ve got a sense of traditional tejano and hardcore punk and a huge variety of influences that makes them what the punk rock revolution of our generation SHOULD sound like. And live—these guys leave no survivors. Need some proof? Okay. Here ya go.


So back to the subject that brought me here…..Can you imagine an amp vs amp battle between these two bands? Epic would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I don’t expect this to ever happen, so until then, Universe, if you’re listening: please throw these bands together on a tour or on a festival stage, because these two bands need to somehow work together in some form. It’s a match that’s got to play out. Somehow. Someway.

And on that note….If you were to chose a winner from this round of Scott Pilgrim style amp-vs-amp battle, who would it be? and Why? and do you have bands you’d like to see in a battle till the death amp vs amp match? feel free to share in the comments!