Sometimes the best playlist is the one you have no real control over. The songs on the playlist end up being a surprise, and often in the best way! At least, if you have an iTunes library like mine. So today I created a ‘smart playlist’ where I gave iTunes the paramaters and let it pick 75 songs from random. The rules: All tracks included had to be track number 1 of their respective albums. Of course, iTunes isn’t always the smartest, it thought podcasts were included under Track #1 variations. But it was an exciting list nonetheless.

I’m not gonna give you all 75 tracks, partly because that’s a lot of music and I know we are all busy people, but I’ll give you some highlights. And encourage you to play with your music in random ways and share the results!

Amanda Palmer “Makin Whoopee” from the album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

The Donnas “Take It Off”  from the album The Donnas Greatest Hits

Hunx and his Punx “You Don’t Like Rock-n-Roll”

Mindless Self Indulgence “Never Wanted to Dance” from the album If

Horrorpops “Thelma and Louise” from Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

(Yeah okay, the video isn’t a band video. but the live versions I found weren’t all that great of quality. So until you go get the album, this will have to do for ya, won’t it?)

Stolen Babies “Mileage” from Stolen Babies EP. This is a band to see live. Seriously.

and last track for this list:

Eartha Kitt “If I Love Ya (Then I Need ya)”

So now that you’ve had a bit of my #1’s…..what are yours? Feel free to share in the comments/or link your own blog!


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