No one said this was gonna be easy….

(Day 4 of the Blog-a-day project)

I have a terrible admission to make.

I have practically nothing to write about. I actually had something all planned out, but you know how the best laid plans never quite work out?

Yeah, today is one of those days. So I’ll have to save that plan for tomorrow. Or the weekend. We’ll have to see. I can tell you it’s going to be about music. Astonishing, right?

Since I can’t do what I originally planned, and my thoughts aren’t running all that coherently right now, I’ll make this an entry something of a treasure chest of cool things that you should know about. I promise a more interesting post tomorrow.

Rose By Any Other Name – An excellent webseries that you should absolutely be watching if you’re not already. I’m linking you to the first episode of the first season so you can get interested! The premise of the show: What happens when an openly out lesbian and an openly straight man suddenly find themselves having feelings for each other? Talk about a complete shift of identity! This is a great Bisexuality 101-primer with some excellent moments. So yeah. Go forth and watch!

The Guild– another excellent webseries that has caught my attention and held it! I love this show. So much. It’s a show about gamers, and one of those gamers happens to be the AMAZING Felicia Day. You can catch up online on their homepage or watch a few seasons uninterrupted on Netflix (where they tie each season into one episode that’s about 40 minutes long). Why watch? A)Felicia Day B)Gamer-related hilarity C)Mass hilarity in general D) Felicia Day. Oh. And Season 5 has some epic celebrity cameos.

The Sucker Punch soundtrack-I don’t care what you thought about the movie. I don’t care if you hated it. I know that a lot of reactions to the movie resulted in an “okay….wait, what??” kind of attitude, which is fine. That was my reaction. One thing was absolutely clear though. I knew upon first watch that the soundtrack would be epic. And now that I have it, I can definitively say that it is a soundtrack worth having. Just check out the first track, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), a cover done by Emily Browning. It has everything you could want in this song, and it’s officially my favorite version of the song. Sorry Marilyn Manson. Anyway. Find it. Listen to it. Get inspired.

Okay. I think I’m done for today. I’m sure I could say more, but we’ll leave it here. More tomorrow. What sort of stuff has you excited these days? Feel free to comment, it might give me some stuff to write about tomorrow!!



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