Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 1-The Start of Everything

Every day that I don’t write on this blog weighs on me, believe it or not.

How could it not? When I started this, all young and idealistic and excited about everything, writing here became an adventure. And when days started to pass without writing, followed by weeks, followed by months, I felt like I was disappointing the readers who had stopped by, the connections I had made, and most importantly, myself–and that younger, more idealistic self. And with that disappointment came a new feeling–a reluctance to write here for fear that the good things that had been built over the years would be destroyed by my newer thoughts. I’m not the same after all. Things have changed. I’m in Utah now, far, far away from the haven that Chapel Hill, North Carolina provided. And I have been questioning my motivations and second guessing myself almost every step of the way since I’ve moved here.

That’s about to change. Finally. Last month I participated in an unofficial write-15-minutes-a-day challenge, and it turned out to be one of the best things I’d done.  It got me writing, which–as it turns out–was an invaluable step forward. My journey as a writer has really only recently been reclaimed, as of August of this year. I have done varied writings here and there throughout the year, but it wasn’t until that fateful August day when I picked up one of my journals I’d started (the last entry was dated November 2010) and gave it a full reboot that my writing sessions were restored, and the practice was back in place.

Well. That exact thing is what I’m going to do here. Which means for 30 days from now until November 8, you won’t know what to expect from my writings. It could be completely rant heavy, to enthused entries about new albums/musicians I’ve discovered, to entries about the writing process itself to any number of things. The one thing you will know to expect is an entry. I can’t promise it will be the greatest written word has to offer–in fact, I’m not going to. But it will be a fun process. As I’m writing this, I’m getting more excited about the potential this has to unlock interesting subjects, and as a way to unlock my voice–so to speak.

I’m going to end this entry here for today. It will serve as purely an introduction to the 30-day madness that shall ensue. Wish me luck. While I’m determined to make this happen, good wishes won’t hurt!


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