When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution: The Mission Statement Revised

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution is a blog based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and can be used as a local and national resource as a reference to all things ‘women-in-rock’ related. In additional, frequent commentaries on feminism, social injustice/revolutionary thought, art, and rock-n-roll, as well as a focus on creating and defining our own voices.

In addition to an online presence, When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution meets in real life every fourth Saturday of the month at Mestizo Coffeehouse (unless otherwise noted) for an open mic. All forms of performable arts are welcome including–but not limited to–poetry, prose, music, dramatic readings, etc. The open mic strives highlight the voices of women and trans artists, but it an inclusive event dedicated to supporting and encouraging all works of art in a safe space.

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution is dedicated to encouraging everyone to find their own voice, and to highlight the voices that need to be heard.

Want to be part of When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution as a reviewed or featured artist/open mic participant? Speak up! Email rebelgrrrl.theblog@gmail.com

For more information:
Facebook (Group): http://www.facebook.com/groups/126964847317806/
Facebook (Blog Page): http://www.facebook.com/pages/When-She-Speaks-I-Hear-the-Revolution/212697184047
Website: https://rebelgrrrl.wordpress.com
Twitter: @rebelgrrrl


For those of you who have been longtime followers of the blog, you’ve probably noticed (how could you not?) the scarcity of frequent/consistent posts. It’s been a rough couple years, as I’ve emphasized in many other entries. This isn’t meant to be an excuse. I could have posted and didn’t. But sometimes it takes a rough patch and falling off the wagon to make you remember exactly what you’re missing out on. With the renewed mission statement and with the renewed sense of dedication to this path, I intend to bring back the original purpose of this blog: Highlighting bands with kickass women musicians who you may or may not have heard of and letting you have a front stage pass to why women in rock/pop MATTER so much in the music industry.

I’m excited to be back. The time is now.

One thought on “When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution: The Mission Statement Revised

  1. Lis Leaves September 6, 2011 / 9:33 pm

    That’s a nobel purpose. I’m not a longtime follower but I’ve been enchanted with your rock’n’roll soul and spirit!Like ya very much!You rock girl!

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