BugGiRL & Adrian and the Sickness: The SLC Invasion

There’s something amazing about women in rock. and I’m not talking the pop/rock, the alt/rock, I’m talking pure balls to the fuckin’ wall ‘old school’ drugs, alcohol, sex and take no survivors kinda rock.

The word fierce covers it. Wiktionary defines fierce thusly:

(US Slang) Of exceptional quality, exhibiting boldness or chutzpah.

This weekend is pretty exciting for me. A couple weeks ago, thanks to the infinite powers of the internet, I stumbled upon the page for BugGiRL, a rock-n-roll band from Australia. Let’s take the song “Dirt in a Skirt.” From the very beginning the song grabs you and won’t let go. It’s driving, it’s aggressive, and Amber’s got the perfect rock vocals. Think…The Donnas, but imagine that they’ve had a lot more to drink (and by the way, the local dude who prides himself on his ability to drink anyone under the table….I’m pretty sure Amber’s standing over him as he’s lying on the floor, passed out, laughing her ass off) and they don’t mind the groupies.

BugGirl is a sister/brother act made up of Amber (guitar and vocals), Clinno (drums) and their bassist Heather Webb. If you like rock-n-roll that is pure in sound (but not so pure in intention) then this band is absolutely for you. It’s fun and perfect for headbanging.

And the best news of this entry thus far? Well. If you live in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, they’re gonna be here, at one of my personal favorite venues, Burt’s Tiki Lounge. If you like rock-n-roll, this is absolutely a show that you SHOULD NOT MISS. Why? Well, because they’re awesome. They are THE definition of the rock sound.

And they’re traveling with another kickass rock band–Adrian and the Sickness– from Austin, TX that is made up of bassist Heather Webb (yep, same one in BugGiRL), lead guitarist Adrian Conner. Adrian Conner is no stranger to the rock genre. She’s part of one of the most infamous AC/DC cover bands, Hell’s Belles (wait, you haven’t heard of them? Well Angus Young has, according to the band’s page, and he loves ’em. So if you haven’t heard of ’em….well, you just ain’t listening hard enough, are ya?) and has been recording with Adrian and the Sickness since 2004 and are working on their 5th album. Their music has been described as an undeniable front of infectious pop concoction wrapped around electric, bombastic rock and roll. Hard hitting, infectious riffs are a staple, and Adrian’s ability as a musician has been described as “exciting, rambunctious and kinda scary” in Guitar Player Magazine (2007).

If you like rock then this gig at Burts (6/10/11) is a MUST-SEE. Here, have a few videos to tide you over. And I’ll see ya there.

BugGiRL: Dirt in the Skirt

Adrian & the Sickness: Listening

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