Le Butcherettes

The nice thing about live shows isn’t always the headliner: it’s the bands you discover.

When I saw posters for an Agent Ribbons show with a band called Le Butcherettes, I was intrigued. With a name like Le Butcherettes, how could I help myself? I had to know more. So I found their bandcamp. And since stumbling onto this discovery, I’ve been hooked. Elements of PJ Harvey, The Kills, and riot grrrl make up the music and there are nice catchy hooks that are hard–nay, impossible– to resist. The lyrics themselves are intelligent and there is a passion in this music that can’t be faked. This is the stuff of a good concert, one where you lose yourself in the music and in the moment.

The band’s current lineup is made up of Teri Gender Bender (band founder/vocals/guitar/keyboard), Jonathan Hischke (bass) and Gabe Serbian (drums).  The music of Le Butcherettes is aggressive, energetic and confrontational, much like Teri herself, who is an unapologetic feminist. They’ve opened for bands such as The Dead Weather and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and performed at SXSW this past year.

Le Butcherettes have two albums under their belt, Kiss & Kill (2008), which is as riot grrrl as it gets, and their latest offering, Sin Sin Sin. In an interview with Tunecore, Teri explains the importance of feminism and art:

“I don’t want to yell my whole life. I want to express myself in a darker way now. I don’t want to use feminism anymore because I was let down by the non- existent movement. I want feminism to use ME as an example instead. I won’t let the movement down because I am not a movement, I am an individual. I just have to be myself and work on art with the purest of intentions. Sin Sin Sin was made to free me of my “so-called sins” laid on my mind in a machismo country which has so many strong and unfearing women and men. I am not afraid. This album is for the men and women that are fed guilt mixed with hatred for not marrying young, for thinking of themselves before others, for trying to see life differently.”

If you are looking for new music to listen to/a band to fall in love with, then today is literally your day. Sin Sin Sin was one of today’s new releases, so you should be able to find it at a record store near you! Check it out!


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