Post-Weekend Pick: We Are Hex

So here’s a late weekend pick for you…it’s really not a bad thing that this is late, because this band should be able to carry you quite well into the week ahead and beyond.

Trying to write about We Are Hex is a bit difficult for me. In a very short time since I’ve found out about them and their music, it’s been love at first listen. And translating that into words…Well, it can be hard. But here’s a few reasons to check them out:

  • Dark overtones, gritty/raw garage rock with enough pop to keep you hooked
  • A history of recording at a house that belongs to the band, dubbed the “hex haus”
  • A touring van named “Vanarchy”
  • A badass frontwoman who at once seems to channel Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and make her own name for herself.

Basically, everything about the band is a win. The band is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and is constantly working on getting their sound out to the world. They have a list of show dates on the band’s blog and I highly suggest you check them out and see if they’re coming to your town! Unfortunately, they have no Salt Lake City dates yet, which is terribly disappointing to me. I am quite positive (and based on some of the photos I have seen of this band’s live performances) that as amazing as their music is, their live show would be beyond incredible. Maybe it’s bad to build up a band like that, but I get that sense anyway.

A little about them, from Metromix Indiana: “The quartet of Jilly Weiss, Brandon Beaver, Trevor Wathen and Matt Hagan can’t stop writing – even long enough to promote their own album. But the music speaks for itself – a carefully constructed mix of dark psych elements, a slight club feel and indie rock constructs that could make Gloom Bloom the best local record released [of 2009].”

So at this point….I could try and describe their music for you. I could. OR….I could just give you a sampling of their music. And I like that idea anyway. This video is, without question, a perfect introduction to the band. Check it out. And enjoy!


Oh. The albums they’ve released thus far (Gloom Boom and Hail the Goer) are both available to be streamed, in their entirety online. So if you’re looking for new music and not paying a penny till you know for sure that you like it, this is the band to listen to. Me? I’m going to be questing for a hard copy. I think I’ll be listening to this band for the rest of the year–at least.


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