Another NaNoWriMo Loss.

I hate writing these posts. Writing these posts means that I am giving up the fight for NaNoWriMo, and it seems too often that this ends up being the case. Honestly, I am not sure why I expected to finish this year. My life has been so off balance that scheduling in the writing time has  been more trouble than expected. November came too quickly. I wasn’t prepared. My writing practice has taken what seems to be an overly long vacation. And now November’s ending already.  There are so many things that I see on my agenda for the new year. One is finding a sense of balance. The past few months have been something of a living, breathing hell for me just due to the lack of balance brought on by a variety of reasons. And honestly, this month if I had actually focused on Nanowrimo, I think it would have ended up becoming an escape mechanism from the craziness that is my life. Good? In theory. Problem is, part of what I need to find balance is to face the issues that I’m facing head on.

And I’m a little afraid of what that means. I don’t typically get too personal in this blog, because that’s not the point of this little corner of the interwebs. This page is supposed to be dedicated to cool stuff. Like Music! and Feminism! RiOtS! Revolution! Art! Kickass women! Etc! and as of late it hasn’t quite been living up to that (with the exception of a few articles). I’m also not going to start getting personal now.

But suffice it to say that the end of this year is bringing with it change. And I aim to make it through these changes.

To all of those who finished nanowrimo this year, I salute you! I hope to follow you next year! I plan on bringing myself up to a daily writing habit and getting past my biggest block which is the simple act of starting. I’m making good ground with an almost daily journal writing habit (weekends sometimes get left out) and I’d like to bring it past the journaling and into writing about other stuff, which should hopefully end up on here.

Wish me luck. And hopefully, we’ll see each other soon.


3 thoughts on “Another NaNoWriMo Loss.

  1. Benedek November 22, 2010 / 11:27 pm

    I really liked this post. Too many people say, “I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo this year. Oh well, I’ll try again next year.” I’m very glad to hear that you’re not one of those people who will be waiting for next year, but you’ll be setting forth to write more immediately! Tomorrow! Or right this second!!

  2. Aligirlwriter November 23, 2010 / 1:24 am

    Don’t want to should on you so instead, I will make a book recommendation for you. If you do nothing else in 2011, at least treat yourself to “The Call of The Writers Craft” It will help with balance. I promise. :~)

  3. Dan November 28, 2010 / 12:46 pm

    If you love writing and you enjoy it, write! You have some very compelling ideas. Don’t let anything hold you back. You’re right in that starting is often the hardest part. You question yourself and your ideas. You wonder if you can ever finish a project. You wonder if it will turn out badly or if anyone will ever want to read it. You doubt whether you have the talent to make it. Every writer has those fears. Try not to let them stop you. So long as you’re putting words on a page and engaging in the creative process, you’re doing it. Write for yourself, for the simple act of writing right now. You can’t write a one hundred thousand word novel if you tell yourself you’re going to write a novel right now. You have to write it a hundred words here, five hundred words there. Just keep writing, and try to enjoy the journey more than worrying about the final product. 😀

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