Mission Statement, Aug 2010

Have you ever had a weekend that was just amazing? One that was completely inspirational? One that reminded you of why you’re really here and what it is you want to do/achieve? This weekend was one of those.

When I started this blog, I was your typical college student. I was young and idealistic. I had just discovered feminism, and the fight for equality in the areas of gender, sexuality, class, race, and all other intersections. I found the queer community on campus and immediately felt like I was at home with all the wonderful revolutionary and creative people within the group. It was one of those times I really discovered who I was and what I wanted to be involved in.

Then I found the book “Rock She Wrote”, an anthology featuring women rock journalists. Combine music and a love of writing? Yes, PLEASE. I started this blog with the intention of featuring bands, both under and over the radar, that featured women leads/all women bands, but I didn’t want to limit it to that. I wanted to include pieces on feminism, on LGBTQ in/equalities, on the fight for justice, on anything that remotely falls under the feminist umbrella or interesting pop culture.

And for a while I kept it up. I wrote a variety of pieces on bands as small as the NC-based Midtown Dickens, to national (though not super mainstream) acts like Sia. I bought music that looked intriguing to review/spotlight on the blog and I enjoyed it (the Noisettes were one of those amazing discoveries). I wrote Feminist Friday pieces that took a critical look at stuff we take for granted, like fairy tales.

Then, I moved to Utah. My blog writing grew more and more intermittent to the point that months went by between entries. My blogging was discouraged by people who believed they knew what was best for me. I was told that blogging was pointless. It’s not a career, after all. And no, it’s not, but it sure feels good. It’s a great self-publishing tool that, while far from perfect, is a good beginning for a writer.

And more and more time went by between entries. My musical spotlights dimmed with time and just didn’t happen.

This weekend, however, has inspired me. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday positively basking in music. For those not located in Utah, this past weekend was the 4th Annual Women’s Redrock Music Festival. The festival is located in Torrey, UT and features women musicians, but it’s for everyone. This year was absolutely fabulous, and arguably (according to WRRMF veterans) one of the best line-ups. Artists ranged from local (Marie Bradshaw and her band) to national (BITCH). Genres spanned from acoustic/folk (Blame Sally) to jazzy (Ayo Awosika) to good ol’ rock-n-roll (Runhoney).

It has taken a good two years for me to really regain my enthusiasm for music writing, and blog writing in general, but I think I am finally there. I am not going to write a whole lot about the festival in this entry, because it deserves an entry of its own.

This is an entry with one purpose and one purpose only: It’s a joyous reclamation of past passions and current. It’s a “fuck you” to the people who told me that my purpose was not a purpose, that there will be no success in my future if I follow my passions (not exact wordings, but certainly the message).

I hope you stick around, because things in Salt Lake City are about to get loud.



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