Dear Salt Lake: I <3 You.

Here’s something a lot of non-Utah people don’t know about Salt Lake City: It’s amazing. In the past few weeks I’ve gotten involved in a numerous amount of activities that have made me love the city all the more. And even more important–Salt Lake City is finally starting to feel like home.

That doesn’t mean I won’t stop dreaming about California, where it’s warm and snow is pretty much non-existent (that’s my least favorite part of Utah. Or anywhere cold), but I have finally found the path that I left so long ago in NC. I can now officially resume conversations on feminism, activism, lgbt equality in a major way through involvement with the group TransAction, which is a phenomenal group–to say the least.

TransAction, for those not in the know, is a youth led group sponsored by the Utah Pride Center that provides a voice for the Transgender community. Its Mission: Promote visibility, unity and safety through advocacy and education. TransAction is dedicated to building bridges between communities. I’ve gone to only two meetings so far (Every Tuesday at the Pride Center), but I like what they are doing. And I’m glad I found them.

For those in SLC, looking for something to do this coming Tuesday night (the 17), we’ll be making our very own zine! And after that, on Saturday the 27th, we’ll have the Zine Debut Party at Marmalade Cafe, which will feature local poets, writers and musicians as well as some super delicious chai, made especially for the party.

For those in Salt Lake City, Don’t Miss this party! It’ll be awesome. And for those of you in other places outside of Utah…too bad for you 😉

In other topics: Sister Spit will be performing in the fair city of Salt at the one and only, Mestizo Coffeehouse! Save the date (Tuesday April 13), because between the likes of Michelle Tea, Annie Danger, Elisha Lim, Silas Howard & crew, you will never, ever forget this fabulous night.

And finally…exciting things are coming to Salt Lake City. I’ve got plans for this city, and I think with the right amount of networking and finding other people who are interested, Salt Lake will turn into a very, very grrrl friendly city. Maybe one day, we’ll even have a ladyfest. Oh Salt Lake, when I’m done with you, you won’t recognize yourself.


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