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Feminism: Still for white women only?

“It’s thinking I’m the hero of this pretty white world/I want to change the world But I won’t change anything/Unless I change my racist self.” *Heavens to Betsy, “White Girl” It started innocently enough. A free form blog entry at … Continue reading

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Sunday Random 10!

Random 10: 1. Elegie-Patti Smith 2. Shick Shaving-Chicks on Speed 3. Burn Your Life Down-Tegan & Sara 4. Viz-Le Tigre 5. Empty Walls-Serj Tankian 6. Decide-Heavens to Betsy 7. Down by the Water-PJ Harvey 8. Made in Japan-The Great Kat … Continue reading

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Feminism Friday: The Guy Edition

One of the fun things you’ll come up with when you google ‘feminism’ are the articles featuring ‘men’s rights activists’, men who like to blame feminism for the deterioration of (what they believed was) their masculinity. In the blog site … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects.

Women guitarists are too often overshadowed by their male counterparts. This is a fact that we all know and why we love books like She’s a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll and lists like Venus Zine’s … Continue reading

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