Welcome Back! (The news entry)

It’s been an exciting time…New albums by some grrrl-friendly artists have been coming out at rates hard to keep up with and summer concerts are just around the corner. SXSW came and went, and so did WAM!

Wait. What’s WAM!?

Don’t tell me you don’t know? WAM–Women, Action & the Media is a conference held by the Center for New Words in Massachussets and brings together journalists, activists, and media consumers for a weekend discussion on the state of women in the media and what we can do about it. This conference had the biggest turnout in its five-year existence (600+ attendees, which was about twice the turnout from two years ago).

And I was there.

In addition to being a great opportunity to meet people and get effective strategies for change, it proved to be inspiring. So don’t be surprised if  entries posted over the next couple weeks are derived from WAM! sessions, the keynote speakers (Helen Thomas and Haifa Zangana),  and converstions brought up during the WAM! party.

In addition to new entries, you should’ve noticed the layout change. The photo in the headline image was brought to you by Lovelyss Photography (check her Myspace site out for more of her work), an all-round cool grrrl with interests ranging from music to art and photography.

Several of the other pages on this blog will be updated including the about me section (The Story of a Rebel Grrrl) and the Hark! the music section as some contact information has been made exclusively for this blog. In addition, keep an eye out for changes at the page that began my foray into the blogosphere, the original RiotGrrrlRevolution page. I will begin updating that page with spotlights on the bands of the riot grrrl period as well as riot grrrl precursers (the slits and the raincoats, to name a few) and some of the r-g friendly bands that came after. Don’t be surprised to find an entry or two looking closely into issues critically and from new perspectives.

Other than that…this update is finished. Keep a lookout and be happy. and if you’re anywhere but New Hampshire, be happy…it’s snowing here. And not just little flakes. Lots of them. Brrr. (how’s that for spring weather?)


One thought on “Welcome Back! (The news entry)

  1. Hugo April 1, 2008 / 5:49 pm

    So good to meet you, Stephanie! I’ll be checking back more often…

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