Sunday Randomness

Random 10 Songs:

1. Someone New: The Catholic Girls
2. My Little Town: Meredith Brooks
3. Anthem: Arch Enemy
4. Please Don’t Tease: The Donnas
5. Love Life: Chicks on Speed
6. In the Background: Girl in a Coma
7. Lightening is my Girl: Melissa Auf der Maur
8. Precious Things: Tori Amos
9. Sexy Hypnotist: Luscious Jackson
10. Not Big: Lily Allen

This list brings me to the video of the week… I was going to pick the video from the list, but the randomly picked Lily Allen made me think of another video by an artist as vocal and outspoken as Allen who has *just* come out with a new album, Made of Bricks. Like Allen, she’s British, but that’s where the similarities end. Dear readers, let me introduce to you (if you haven’t already heard about her, that is) KATE NASH.


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