IV. Double Dare Ya

(note: this is part of the continuing series tentatively known as Riot Grrrl Diaries–get it? like Princess Diaries?–which follows the adventures of high school grrrl, Rosalyn. Read the first part here, the second part here and the third part here. Enjoy & leave comments if you like what you’re reading. 🙂

doubledareyaIV. Double Dare Ya

So you’ll never, ever in a billion years guess what happened today. Seriously. It’s way beyond the scope of imagination. So you know how I’ve got Algebra every Tuesday/Thursday w/ the creep Farrington, right? well, before that class I’ve got gym (and no, gym isn’t the exciting part). There’s a girl in my gym class who’s also in Algebra with me. When we were dressing out today & she finished she took a sharpie out of her locker and turned to me (her locker’s next to mine) and asked if I’d do her a favor. I said, sure, why not?

She handed me the marker and asked me to write on her. She likes wearing form fitting tops that often show a bit of cleavage making her one of the perv’s favorite students to harass. Today wasn’t much different, her top had a deep cut that was just modest enough to pass the school standards, but didn’t leave too much to the imagination. Like an idiot, I asked, “Write on you?”and she answered yeah and pointed to her chest.

“I wanna get Farrington in trouble,” she said, grinning wickedly. I quickly saw what she was up to. “You’re not afraid you’ll get in trouble?”

“Oh believe me,” she answered, “He’ll be in more trouble. Now, write…fuck off asshole here,” she said pointing. “I’d do it, but then it would be backwards and no good.” she glanced at me and said, “You will do it right?”

ha, how could I pass up such an opportunity? Why hadn’t this idea been thought of before? and used? I took the silver sharpie and began to write. Writing on a woman’s skin is hard enough, but when you’re trying to write over her breasts and in such a way that isn’t too obvious but will be when she leans over–well, it’s an interesting experience. The silver showed up brilliantly against her dark chocolate skin. When I finished I handed the marker back to her. She took it and put it back in her locker & shut it with a snap. “Thanks.” I grinned and told her I-as contributor to this plot-wanted to know everything that happened to her and the outcome of our plan. She grinned at me and nodded. “See you in class,” she said, and dashed out of the locker room.

It seemed like an eternity before Farrington started his lecturing and wandering the room in Algebra. By then I was wondering if he’d even ask Carmen to pick up his pen. What if he didn’t? Would we have to try this again? What if he did and he didn’t say anything?

He stayed true to his creepy wanna-be-authorative- self and in the middle of lecturing ‘dropped’ his pen in front of Carmen. He asked her to pick it up and she nodded. “Of course, Mr. Farrington,” in a voice that reeked of sarcasm.

He didn’t seem to hear it. I watched him as he watched her bend down, his eyes focused on her chest. I watched the change of expression go from pseudo-studious/appreciative (gah what a creep) to slowly horrified.

“What.Is.That….written on your chest?” he asked, emphasizing each word.

Carmen glanced down as if she was surprised and said, “What…I…” acting as if she didn’t even know what to say. I tried not to grin as he told her such language was offensive and completely against school regulations. And sent her to the principal’s office.

As she walked by my desk (hers is a few seats in front of mine) she grinned and dropped a piece of paper on my desk

When she was out of sight and Farrington had gotten over his shock (I wonder if he’d realized what we’d done?) he started lecturing. He didn’t drop his pen again, but his words seemed distracted. I opened the paper to find a sketch of two thumbs up and a phone number. p.s.-the note said, Kim, myself and a few others hang out at the coffee shop every Friday after school. You should come.

I’m saving the note, in case when I come on Friday to the coffee shop (Seeker’s) Carmen asks me what in the world I’m doing there. It’s hard to believe something this crazy can happen.

I can’t wait to find out if Farrington gets in trouble. He needs to, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t…we’ve got the proof that he’s perverted-and if extreme measures had to be taken to prove it, well that’s the way things work, right?


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