III. Kool Thing


Thursday, September 13


So, I move into a new town and I get a creepy teacher. Is that the way the world works?

Seriously though. How is it that you can have a teacher so obviously creepy yet he’s allowed to keep teaching? How do parents and the rest of the faculty miss it? if I didn’t already hate math related subjects, I would now. How Mr. Farrington isn’t fired is beyond me. It’s like—here I am copying notes from the board and he’s walking down the aisles ‘explaining’ stuff when he’ll oh-so-accidentally drop his pen by a girl wearing a not-so-conservative top—and ask her to pick up the pen for him.

He doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that his eyes are following her shirt as she bends down. God. I feel gross just writing this. he hasn’t tried that on me yet, mostly since I stick with T-shirts.

Somehow, he gets away with this major act of creepiness—for the most part.

There’s one girl in the class who gives him trouble whenever she’s there.


Even in Chapel Hill where the kids already deemed themselves ‘liberals’ and acted older than they actually were, I’d never seen anyone quite like Kim.

She’s tall and extremely self assured. She’s got the kind of attitude that says ‘I’m not taking any crap from anyone.”

Today Mr. Creep asked her to pick up his ‘accidently’ dropped pen, she looked him straight in the eyes and said “No.”

Oh.My.God. The classroom was silent—I think everyone was shocked that she had told him no straight to his face. I sure was.

She was sent to the principals office for—in his words—not respecting authority or listening to the teacher.

Yeah. because he’s such a model example of authority.

That’s the only class I have with Kim. The rest of my classes are pretty boring. Same old preps. Goths. Emos. They really don’t change from place to place, despite their “we’re really not all the same. We have personalities!” pleas. Sure. They have personalities…as much personality as their stereotype allows them. Some people willingly stick themselves in a box and are happy with it. whatever. Woohoo for them.

But Kim is definitely different. I’d like to talk to her, but I don’t see a conversation happening. I mean, what would I say? “So, did you finish you’re pre-al homework?” “Oh no, I don’t do homework for this class.” “So…how’s the weather?” gah. Somehow I don’t see it happening.

But with her around, Gahanna, Ohio seems at least slightly more interesting.

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