’tis the beginning of the end…

And good riddance. 2007 was a good year as far as years go, but I’m looking forward to a new year with JD GLASS ROXXnew opportunities. and here are a few of the reasons:

AMERICAN GOTH by JD GLASS will finally be released. I loved Punk Like Me and I have a feeling American Goth will rule just as much.

MY RUIN is coming out with a new album which promises to be good. Really good.

The Breeders are back! You might know them from their single Cannon Ball. Their newest album: Mountain Battles
Welcome back Kim Deal. we ❤ you.

The Women, Action, & the Media conference is coming up late March. I wanna go. *sticks money in pocket to save money*

SPIDERWICK will be the bestselling movie in February. Ok, I exaggerate. maybe a lot. but I for one cannot wait to see the Spiderwick Chronicles in movie form. This has extreme potential since movie graphics have come so far. the faeries will look way awesome and btw, have I mentioned I can’t wait to see it?

I <3 faeries

Well for the moment…that’s all I got. Any new releases you know about? share ’em with me. I wanna know what you know. 2008…will be a good year. *crosses fingers*


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