So today I was in our local entertainment store, For Your Entertainment–FYE ( a big chain store in this area) and I came across a 2008 calendar put out by Rolling Stone-the biggest music mag in the US of A.

The calendar?

Rolling Stone Women in Rock.

I practically cringed at the “women in rock” label–but that wasn’t even the worst part. It’s a known fact that as far as magazine covers go, it’s usual to see men in strong poses, fully clothed. Women, on the other hand, are more often seen as little more than pieces of meat–and are treated as such. Their postures tend to be more submissive and they tend to have less clothes than their male counterparts. With many women in music, they find their gender overshadows their music-partially because of their appearance.

And Rolling Stone, it seems, will not let them forget that their gender and their bodies are more important than their music. in a very Sports Illustrated-Swimsuit Calendar-sorta move-I present to you the 2008 Rolling Stone Women in Rock Calendar:

sexism at the finest

(sry, I can’t make it bigger…but do a google image search and you should find larger versions if you need ’em.)


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