Nanowrimo:1 Me:0 (but this isn’t a bad thing!)

So, long story short–I didn’t make the 50,000 words. I managed a good 15,000 which, as I mentioned in the last nanowrimo post, is an incredibly substantial amount. And even though I didn’t make the 50 thousand, it has showed me something–I can write if I want to, and I’m not going to let this lesson go to waste. Quite frankly, I like the story I started and I think it might even have a possible potential publisher…it’s very much a niche market. but that would require me writing 🙂 oh, and did you know how huge vampire/suspense/romance is right now? I didn’t. but I went to a bookstore and in the process of looking for Laurel K Hamilton (I’ve just recently discovered the Anita Blake series, and I love it) and discovered a display totally devoted to titles featuring vampiric elements. the funniest/worst title? Fanged and Fabulous.

I kid you not.

Anyway…wow. So yeah, I’m going to see what I can do to keep writing. I’ve been chewing on the idea of publishing bits–not so much novel parts, but scenes from my characters life, so to speak–on this blog. I just recently discovered a fictional blog, Days in the Life of a Starving Musician (I’m not sure how fictional the current phase of the blog is in…) which…well, the title speaks for itself really. It’s the thoughts of a fictional musician…and I’m kinda thinking I’d like to have similar entries featuring Jesslyn (a.k.a. Jazz)–singer & bassist extraordinaire– from my story (which is still untitled…it’s hard to think of a title.)…so if you like fiction do ring in on whether you’d like to check my writings out. 🙂

Ok. So now some big news. (Yes I waited ’till down here for the big news. Just wanted to make sure ya’ll are still w/ me.)

Well, it’s funny sometimes how life works. Like, I’m seriously beginning to believe that there is something like destiny/fate. I do believe in choice and that we choose who we want to be and we make our lives what we want (as long as we’re working to that end), but there do seem to be some things that connect without our choice. Like, my last example of this was that years ago when the Squirrel Nut Zippers came out with the popular song Hell, I was in Alaska in middle school/jr high. I loved the song. for years I never heard it again till I transferred to UNC in NC. Chapel Hill. the home of the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

My newest example (though it’s a bit silly, I’ll grant you this…it’s still crazy!)…in my novel Jazz has a bass. It’s an Ibanez. It’s black.
At work recently I was telling a coworker how I was planning on buying a guitar for her because she wants to learn. my coworker asks me-what kind of guitar? her son has a bass that he doesn’t use and hasn’t used in a long time…
I reply that my sister doesn’t want a bass (she wants acoustic) but I however (emphasis on I) have been wanting to learn bass. I love music and would love to play an instrument. And bass seems like an awesome starting point. When you’ve got people like Kim Gordon to look up to, it’s definitely a hot instrument. 🙂 So I tell her I’m interested in buying it off of her.

guess what kind of bass it is?

Black. Ibanez.


I’m now the proud owner of a black Ibanez soundgear bass.

Looks like Jazz & I have something in common (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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