The Obligatory Thanksgiving Entry

Right now I’m listening to “This FireI don’t wanna wait” by Paula Cole and I’m ridiculously happy.  My music discovery wasn’t one that I can credit to anyone-cool older brother/sister, or a mom/dad with great music taste-it was a journey I had to make myself with the help of a pop station and-eventually-103.9 KUWL fm, an Alaskan alternative music station (that has since disappeared, as all good things seem to do). While I haven’t lived in AK for a long time and don’t intend to again (I don’t like winter), I will always be thankful for my time there-for that is really where my musical journey began.

If you were to ask me a question like this: IF you were caught in a burning building and could rescue only 5 of your CDs, which ones would you choose? my answer would be pretty quick.

1. Meredith Brooks-Blurring the Edges 1997
2. Sheryl Crow-self-titled 1996
3. Fiona Apple-Tidal 1997
4. Paula Cole- This Fire 1996
5. Garbage-self-titled 1995

Note that Paula Cole is a recent acquisition in my musical library (thank god for crazy people who don’t see the intrinsic value  in their albums and sell it back only for me to find them in Used sections), but the album’s always been present in my internal music library-since it came out and I borrowed it from a friend. I loved the album then and now that I have it, I still love it, thus its inclusion in my 5 most important CDS.

My musical journey has grown and developed-it’s seen the progression of pop/alternative rock to the inclusion of hard rock/metal and even some hip hop. My music taste has changed yet its foundation is forever rooted in those five albums (plus a few extra songs-“Deep Dish” by Ani diFranco and “Hell” by the Squirrel Nut Zippers).

It’s almost an understatement to say I’m thankful to those artists, to the brief flame of 103.9 KUWL FM for allowing me to find songs like “Deep Dish” and “Hell” (I wouldn’t have found those anywhere else!) but that’s my personal truth. where Chuck Klosterman has an unhealthy obsession for Kiss & 80s hair metal, it seems mine is just as entrenched.

And you know I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Music is a wonderful thing-it gives us inspiration, helps us get through our darker days and in general makes life comprehensible. as Klosterman says in one of his side passages in “Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs”–“Without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless.” This was in relation to the lack of music on the reality show “big brother” but the point remains–music is such an important thing in our culture that it helps us understand and make meaning of our experiences. I made a whole mixtape recently (yeah! mixtapes!) featuring songs with themes on love/lust-and there’s a lot! Meredith Brooks “Electricity” is perfect for that type of theme.

So I am hopelessly thankful for the music that I’ve had the fortune to stumble across and the music that I’ll have the chance to stumble across (my musical journey=far from over!).


One thought on “The Obligatory Thanksgiving Entry

  1. Elizabeth November 29, 2007 / 8:28 pm

    I so agree with Meredith Brooks, Blurring the edges. I think that album for me as a child made me a huge feminist haha. It was probably the first album I ever heard that was anything to do with riot grrrl and feminism and just a women speaking her mind.

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