Ignorance abounds….on Youtube

So I’m moderately obsessed with the band The Kills. I heard of them a while back when I heard the Placebo album, Meds, which features a song w/ the lead vocalist of the duo The Kills. So I checked ’em out….liked ’em, but moved on to the likes of Metric. Now I’ve come back to the Kills and am more and more intrigued. first, to those who compare them to the White Stripes (all duos are the same, right? ha, wrong.), I compleeetely disagree.

When I heard the album “Keep on Your Mean Side”, the comparison I made wasn’t The White Stripes, it was PJ Harvey in the “Dry” era…The Kills-Superstition

For those of you who are not familiar with the Kills, here’s a bit about them: The Kills is a two-piece made up of VV, the lead singer who provides smoky borderline blues vocals (and yes, she’s a woman…thus part one of the PJ Harvey comparison) and Jamie “Hotel” Hince, the guitarist extraordinaire. Their music could definitely be classified as garage-band type rock–the kind of music you’d hear in underground rock clubs in London (incidentally, where the band is currently located, though VV is originally from the states) Well, okay… I’m going to admit that I have only heard “Keep on Your Mean Side”, and I understand “No Wow” (which is on its way to me now!!!!!!! Wooot!) is a bit of a different side for the band, so I can only speak from the “mean side” perspective…

So, onto why youtube sucks. Here follows a comment by a youtube user:

“Who cares if she’s a lesbo she is nothing, its all about him, he’s a great modern guitar player and she is purely incidental any skinny moderatly attractive bruntette would fill the hole.”

ummmm, yeah. That’s a real, real intelligent comment….NOT. (yeah, ok. I have Wayne’s World on my mind. so sue me)

actually, it’s highly insulting. If I weren’t watching my language, I’d use some other words, but lucky you, I’m being “nice”.

While I’m new to the world of the Kills, I very much doubt that the band would be the same without VV. Sure, the guitar playing is a part of the music, but that’s not it. and Hinton wouldn’t be in the band if she wasn’t playing an integral part to the music.

That comment in one sentence dashes all the advancements women have made in music. It shatters the idea that women have any value in the world of music at all…to this YouTube user (and possibly many more like him/her), men exemplify excellence in music, women are merely the showpieces. Men are the guitar virtuosos, women, the pretty party favors.

It should go unstated that attitudes like that frustrate me, and that it’s completely false. If you know anyone who shares similar views, please do what you can to combat them. Remind them that it isn’t just the men who know how to rock (can anyone say KITTIE?!?!).

And this comment isn’t the first of its kind I’ve seen. Youtube is full of sooo much sexism/ignorant comments that sometimes it literally makes me angry at humanity, that there are people who could make horrible offensive comments all under the guise of anonymity. The Internet is a vast place, and can be a very scary one. Anyone with access to a computer can get on it and pretend to be someone their not. Anyone with access to a computer can log on and leave ignorant –sometimes even threatening–comments with little regard to retribution…for there is none. They’ve nothing to fear, for the most part. it’s all anonymous.

the internet is a place where anyone can and spread ignorant messages, hurt and threaten the people they’re threatened by (if the name Kathy Sierra means nothing to you, please enlighten yourself. This is a story that needs to be told and known). While the Internet is a wonderful place with loads of great content and perspectives (though some of the most needed stories can still be invisible….for the internet does require that little thing called access), it can also be dangerous.

so, play at your own risk. And, if you’ve listened to the lessons your parents/mentors have given you: do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Just because you can be anonymous, doesn’t mean you should take that as a chance to hurt people.

And….don’t make my mistake. Ignore the YouTube Comments and you’ll be much happier. I promise.


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