I just bought a bunch of used CDs yesterday for wayyyyy  cheap… and I’m not in the mood for writing (I know! shame on me!) so I would like to dig into my CDs (Luscious Jackson-Electric Honey & Fever In Fever Out, Melissa Etheridge & the Go! team…ok, the first three were cheap-under $5! and they work! the final one…not so much.)

so I’m gonna do that.

Expect an entry on the go team.

expect thanks to those of you who’ve mentioned Luscious Jackson…b/c I do thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve known them by name only…and not realized that in the episode in season….4? where Buffy gets drunk and turns into cavewoman buffy, that the band on the television she stares at is, in fact, Luscious Jackson.

as a gift, I suggest all of you who haven’t already check out The Con, by Tegan & Sara. I think you’ll like it. I really do.


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