A Fresh Start

As many of you have noticed, RebelGrrrl is currently sporting a new look. The new design definitely gives a new, more open feeling to the blog, and it just looks good!
Along with the new look are some changes.
First change will be more obvious as the days go by: I now have a pretty steady internet connection, so you can expect more from me as far as blog entries (beginning with a return to Feminism Friday).
Second change: I’m going to strike the weekly music entries. For this blog to be mostly about music yet be relegated to a certain day of the week seems rather odd. So now you can expect music highlights on any day! I do love sharing artists/bands with you that aren’t new, so that will have a category: “Have you heard this?” and will appear every Monday, starting with Skunk Anansie. (Though I’ve mentioned the band in passing, it’s a band for everyone to know!)
So—a new welcome to rebelgrrrl.wordpress.com and enjoy your stay! Please don’t forget to leave some love & pass the word to your friends about this blog!


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