Life and Death Situations Seriously….Suck

So my family and I have been planning a trip to Colorado for the past few weeks.

We left Saturday morning and as soon as we reached the UT/Colo border things started pointing to the trip’s inevitable conclusion…
We saw a car crash and pulled over to call 911. The car had gone off the road/flipped and one women was thrown from the car. when she was brought into the ambulance on the board, her arms were hanging lifelessly–it was frightening.

After calling we waited for the emergency personell and then hit the road again. somewhere on the colorado highway (Colorado is gorgeous, btw) a trailer tire blew. my dad had a spare so we fixed it there, right on the shoulder of the highway.

With it fixed, we headed off again. An hour or so later, another trailer tire blew. having used the one spare, we were S.O.L. so we had to drive around slowly in some random small town of Colorado for oh, say, 30 min. Stopped at an Autoparts-no help- stopped at a Costco- no help- and finally found a Ford location where dad bought one to replace the killed tire and one for a spare. cost–about $200

So we hit the road again. my sisters and I nap, and wake up and find a neat track on a hill where we can see bikes racing around on the track. we continue along down highway C-470 and lo and behold–a driver of a white truck loses control and though dad tries to stop to get us out of the truck’s path–the next thing that happens is a huge fucking bang and the world is spinning and glass is flying and ….ahh, there are seriously no words to describe a car crash.

the truck turned over, the passenger’s side was dented in to the point that when we stopped i had to get out of the other side. the trailer was smashed, the couch was sticking out of wooden pieces.

Thankfully though, my sisters and parents and I didn’t get hurt too badly and we’re all alive. so that’s what counts.

People–drive carefully. There is nothing like being in a car accident, it’s horrible. It’s easy for us to live w/ the idea that we’re not vulnerable to something like a car accident–we think, oh that won’t happen to me, but that poor other person. It can happen to you and there is nothing like the experience of it happening to drive it home.
oh, and buckle up.

one more thing–after we went off the road, it was amazing to see the people that stopped and came to help us. People really can be humanitarians, and that’s exciting to see!

however, I miss my copy of Backlash. *sigh*


3 thoughts on “Life and Death Situations Seriously….Suck

  1. Bec July 23, 2007 / 12:06 pm

    Awww =( *hugs* so sorry you had to go through that – but so glad you’re okay. Gosh, isn’t that weird – you see a fatal car crash before your very eyes, then have a non-fatal one. It’s like a lesson in gratitude. We’re all so lucky to be alive. And yes, people, drive safe for gods sake. ❤

  2. Rachel July 24, 2007 / 10:08 pm

    What a horrible experience – I’m really glad you’re okay!

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