Salt Lake’s True Colors

True Colors

Tomorrow marks the fourth day of the True Colors Tour. Comedian Margaret Cho and bands like the Dresden Dolls, the Cliks and Cyndi Lauper will give the good folks of Chicago a taste of good times and good (oh-so-good!) music.

I made it out to the second stop on the tour–Salt Lake City. The show started at 6:10 at a huge ampitheatre and my aunt and I had seats not too far away from the stage (but not all that terribly close, either). We got there just as the Cliks hit the stage. and you know I did a blog about the Cliks here before, right? so of course as soon as I heard that I ran to find our seats in the audience. I didn’t want to miss more than I positively had to. And I’m glad I did. The Cliks are indeed worth every second live. Great music, great stage presence, everything about them is phenomenal. Lucas and the gang were worth the $87 I paid, alone. well, they would’ve been if they’d gotten to play a lot longer!! I do hope that they’ll be headlining a tour soon instead of just opening, so I can pay to see them!


I could’ve met the band members, but as soon as they left the stage, The Dresden Dolls came and replaced them. And I will not miss the Dresden Dolls. I’m sorry, but for nothing do I miss seeing Amanda Palmer. She is amazing in her own right, and I cannot wait to see what she does outside of the Dresden Dolls.

Amanda Palmer-a modern goddess


Amanda v. Brian

One of the best moments of the night was meeting Amanda and Brian, although ’twas a very brief meeting! It consisted of me getting my official True Colors T-Shirt signed and me getting my picture with the Dolls. Currently, this photo is my default for facebook, myspace and my desktop. Am I a fangirl? Yes, oh yes god help me, I am.


(oh, one of the frequently asked questions of the night of me: “Did you get that shirt from this tour? It’s really cool!” Me: “No, actually. I’ve had it for a while!” Even Amanda asked me where I got it. yeah Debbie Harry! 😉

So of course I did see the one and only Debbie Harry. She didn’t do any of the well known Blondie songs, but she still had a lot of fun pop songs, and it was amazing seeing her. I’m still half in shock. Here’s a pic of this one woman legend 😉


Oh, and if you think the audience was the only one enjoying Debbie Harry, think again! From our seats my aunt and I could see the side of the backstage…and I got a glimpse of Margaret Cho dancing around and enjoying the show! (Also, while the Dolls were on, Harry was dancing and having a good time!)

dance, dance!

hmm. in retrospect I shoulda cropped that random head. oh well. After Debbie Harry came Erasure, who I’d never heard about before but they were a lot of fun! and where I hadn’t heard of them before, I’m pretty sure everyone else in the audience had. Not only were people dancing around, but they were singing the lyrics! And the frontman had a shirt that said ‘bi-pride’ which was hello awesome. We need more celebs like this. 😉

Finally, Cyndi Lauper came on. Outside of a few of her more popular songs, I didn’t know much by her, but oh-my-goodness, does this woman have stage presence. To some extent, Debbie Harry is showing her age. Cyndi Lauper-Not so much! She was ohmigod amazing. I don’t even know where to start, so I will give a few pics and see if any words come to mind!


I don’t know what was up with the funny hat thing, but it was still awesome. If she auctioned it off, I’d probably try buying it. If I had the funds, of course 😉


So one of the things that struck me most about Cyndi, like I mentioned, was her stage presence. In addition to gallavanting about onstage (she could definitely give bands like the Hives and the Killers with their spastic seeming energy a run for their money), she interacted really well with both the audience and the musicians onstage. She was absolutely brilliant! and her voice is amazing. and oh my goodness, her legs! She is indeed something else.

In the crowd

Cyndi walks offstage and into the hordes of admirers below! In case ya don’t know, Cyndi would be the woman with the short purple colored hair. see the picture below:

Cyndi without the red wig (is HOTT)

So Cyndi left the stage to earshattering applause and screaming  (a good .05% being mine, of course) and soon came out for an encore with the rest of the band. she performed “time after time” and “girls just wanna have fun” and then left the stage again. My aunt knew the show was not over, mostly because the song “True Colors” a Cyndi song, hadn’t yet been performed. and she was right. After another bout of earshattering applause and screams and yells, the entire cast of the True Colors SLC came out (well, I didn’t get a glimpse of Debbie Harry…) and after throwing massive colorful balloons into the audience began a few group numbers. and OHMIGOD it was beautiful. An absolutely phenomenal experience. There is seriously nothing in my life that compares quite to this. It was overwhelming, it was beautiful, incredible, etc.

The True Colors Tour

Who Can You See?
(If you can make out anyone in this picture, you’re awesome. Otherwise, it’s still cool. kinda psychedelic-like.)

I should also mentio that the True Colors tour was the brainchild of Cyndi Lauper and is a way to connect with all of her GLBTIQ fans and show her support for them. In this world, we are all human, and that was the main thing the tour was trying to get across. and that was also awesome!

IF YOU CAN MAKE IT (and if you can, TRY!! It’s worth every minute):

Tuesday June 12th, 2007
Chicago, IL / Auditorium Theatre

Wednesday June 13th, 2007
Colombus, OH / Jerome Schottenstein Center

Friday June 15th, 2007
Atlantic City, NJ / Borgata Hotel

Saturday June 16th, 2007
Boston, MA / Bank of America Pavilion

Sunday June 17th, 2007
Columbia, MD / Merriweather Post Pavilion

Monday June 18th, 2007
New York, NY / Radio City Music Hall

Tuesday June 19th, 2007
Toronto, ON / Molson Amphitheatre

Thursday June 21, 2007
Atlanta, GA / Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Saturday June 23, 2007
Dallas, TX / Smirnoff Music Centre

Sunday June 24, 2007
Woodlands, TX / Woodlands Pavilion

Wednesday June 27, 2007
San Diego, CA / San Diego State Open Air Theatre

Friday June 29th, 2007
Berkeley, CA / Greek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley

Saturday June 30th, 2007
Los Angeles, CA / Greek Theatre

**Keep in mind that in addition to the main acts there will be many another act, including bands such as the Gossip and the Misshapes. and for those of you who see these bands….I do envy you!!*************

Oh, and if you go, don’t settle for lawn seats. seriously, spend a little extra to get as close as the stage as possible.


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