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The Many Facets of Tori Amos

When I bought American Doll Posse, I honestly  didn’t know what to expect. I’m not a “tori-phile”, my only real exposure to her was from the ’92 album “Little Earthquakes.” Since the late 1980s Tori has been around.  From the … Continue reading

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Without sexiness, can she sell?

 It’s funny how things many of us know to be true, aren’t so widely known among widely respected media sources—take for example CNN. Last Thursday, an AP story appeared on CNN with the headline “If You’re a Female Singer, You’d Better … Continue reading

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In the Midst of Packing…

I’m ’bout to graduate from the wonderful college that has been my home for the past three years and start anew in a completely different spot. And currently am in the middle of packing and scrapbooking (so I can put … Continue reading

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Feminism Friday: What Do I Wear?

“Yes I wore a slinky red thing Does that mean I should spread? For you, your friends, your father, Mr. Ed.” “Me and a Gun” Tori Amos It’s easy for guys to laugh at movie scenes where a woman character … Continue reading

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Guitar Goddess

While pop culture has (for the most part) embraced women musicians–especially as lead singers–it hasn’t so much embraced the women guitarists. As Evelyn McDonnell noted in “She’s in the Band”, female lead guitarists have remained few and far between. Perhaps, … Continue reading

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The Argument for a (gay) Tamagotchi

“Guess what, guess what?” my 9-year-old sister says excitedly over the phone. “What?” I ask. I’m getting a Tamagotchi!” she pauses and asks, “Did you really have one?” I answer yes, I definitely had a Tamagotchi when I was younger. … Continue reading

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