Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

I’m going to do something I haven’t done before. Today’s music music feature will be *gasp* on a NEW band!! While I am enjoying the music that came out of the 90s far too much (believe me I have one for next Thursday already…), it doesn’t hurt to showcase some upcoming artists as well.

So who’s the lucky band?Lucas Silveira-lead vox/guitar

The Cliks. This Canadian band is making waves in the indie-rock world. The music is catchy, exciting and honest. And the band will join the True Colors tour for a few shows starting in Salt Lake City, Utah (which I would like to go to. Here’s to hoping!)

The True Colors concert tour is a 15 city nationwide tour that’s supporting the Human Rights Campaign. Other headliners are Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls and the Gossip. Needless to say, this tour will be THE tour of the summer.

To be involved in a tour like this is pretty special, to say the least. In addition to the True Colors Tour, the band is also touring on its own to promote their album Snakehouse. The Cliks is made up of Lucas Silveira (lead vocalist/guitarist), Morgan Doctor (drums), Nina Martinez (guitar), and Jen Benton (bass).

According to Sarah Liss, NOW magazine, “… the Cliks’ music kinda sounds like what might happen if Chrissie Hynde and the Murmurs’ Leisha Hailey fell in love, got Bowie to help out with insemination and gave birth to an indie rock love child. It’s all kinda raw but sweetly melodic, with a ballsy cabaret swagger.”

Though their sudden appearance may seem like an overnight success, the band has been around since 2004–just in a very different form. Early in 2005, Silveira found himself overwhelmed by a variety of different events at once–a 7 year relationship came to a bitter and ugly fall out, his father suffered a stroke and he had just begun to accept himself as a transgendered male and went from being Lila (NOW magazine) to Lucas. Amid all this was a lineup change with the original version of the Cliks.
The Cliks OH YEAH!

While the only thing that has remained stable about the Cliks is Silveira, that’s really not a bad thing. The ordeals Silveira has been through has been a huge influence on the songwriting, and it shows in the music and the lyrics.

Listening to their songs on their Myspace site, it’s clear that this band has talent. The music is powerful but controlled indie rock with clear, raw vocals. And from what I hear, their live show shall take you to an unprecedented level of wonderfulness (so do check them out when they hit your area!)

If any band was meant to take on the role of successor to The Pretenders–the Cliks would be it.

So with no further ado I shall leave you with a final comment from their myspace page and a video! (the comment should be taken in consideration with the video, in fact 😉

“A final suggestion: PLAY LOUD, and prepare to have your preconceptions obliterated.”

**all pics from the band’s myspace site 🙂 **


One thought on “Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

  1. Carrie April 27, 2007 / 11:33 am

    Woohoo! Nice writeup and thanks so much for putting this up on your blog! And ive just downloaded their whole album! Shh…;>

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